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What is the Each One Teach One Financial Literacy Program?

Each One, Teach One is a series of very plain language workshops on various financial topics. We joined this program to help build a stronger financial knowledge base in our community among people of all ages – with a strong focus on our youth. These workshops are built at a national level, but run in our community by trained staff from gfcu.

Our sole goal is to empower individuals to make the right financial decisions for themselves and their families.

Since its launch in 2016, we have been working with teachers and students in our regional schools, and the program has been very well received. Each One, Teach One can be as vast and expansive as it needs to be – and we are looking to hear from our community about other financial literacy workshops they are interested in attending. Some of the possible topics include Credit, Home Readiness, Understanding Contracts, Registered Savings Plans, and Taxes.

How can I make arrangements to host or attend a workshop?

Right now we are operating exclusively in the regional schools, as they had long been requesting workshops like these. That said, we are ready and willing to take this program to the next step, and we would be happy to hear from any person or group interested.

Please contact us at "" to learn more >

Each One, Teach One Workshops: