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gfcu Fall Grant Cycle

Administered by the Grand Forks Credit Union

In our 70 years of operation, we have supported countless events, causes, organizations, and overall goings on in the Boundary Community. Through all of this, we have seen some key areas that have had a truly positive impact on quality of life here at home, and things that we can truly call Community Investments. Moving forward we would like to focus on improving life in the Boundary through these elements even further.

gfcu grant applications will be considered during the fall intake period running August through September each year. The first step is to submit an online application, which holds basic details on the projects. Formal grant proposals may be requested for completion after the review of a qualified letter of intent. Fall grants will be awarded at our annual Credit Union Day, which is the third Thursday of October each year.

During this intake period, grant applications in the following areas are considered:

Providing financial support for capital projects having a lasting, positive economic impact on the Boundary Community and its residents.

Assisting Boundary residents and businesses to reduce their eco impacts through partnerships, education, products, and services.

Supporting financial education and information sharing for all demographics; from basic budgeting to wealth management and advice.

Developing and providing education, tools and advice regarding sustainable economics with a focus on regional food security, local sourcing and water.

Supporting small to medium size businesses through financial literacy, tools, advice, education, collaboration and partnerships. Special areas of focus include, young entrepreneurs, home-based businesses, micro-businesses, start-ups, green businesses, co-operatives and social enterprise.

Fall Grant Applications Are Closed