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Grand Forks Credit Union Community Endowment

Mission Accomplished: $1,000,000

In 2011, gfcu established an ongoing commitment to improving the quality of life for residents in Boundary Country. This commitment came in the form of a pledge to build a one million dollar community endowment with the Phoenix Foundation. We are very proud to say, that as of 2021, this goal has been accomplished!

The money in this fund is securely invested and will provide a significant recurring source of grant funding to our community in perpetuity. While we have only recently hit our milestone, we are already seeing the value of this asset in our community, and more than $175,000 in grants have already been approved.

The foundation and the credit union have some aligned goals that will ensure the grants from this fund represent true community investment. Investment that will build value in areas that both organizations see as having positive impact on quality of life, right here in Boundary Country.

Our organization is extremely proud of the efforts undertaken to establish and build this fund. We thank everyone that has helped make it happen over the years, and we very much look forward to seeing the projects that it will support in years to come.

gfcu Endowment Fund Information

This fund is fully administered by the Phoenix Foundation, with advisement and oversight from gfcu. As such, all parameters pertaining to the Phoenix Foundation grant requirements apply to this fund. Although not exclusive, gfcu does have specific areas of focus for this endowment:
  • Environmental Improvements
  • Economic Enhancement
  • Business Community Building
  • Financial Literacy
  • Agricultural Development

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This endowment is just one way gfcu is funding initiatives here in the Boundary.

gfcu also directly disburses and administers various grants independently. To learn more visit the fall cycle granting page.